How to submit your files

Each page should be submitted as a separate file. If you have a specific order for the images in your portfolio please number your files to reflect this. We do not work from multi-page PDF documents, however if you have one it can be useful to supply it to us as a reference for your page order.

In the interest of maintaining the highest quality workflow, we prefer: 

  • Flattened TIFF or PSD files
  • Adobe RGB 1998
  • 300dpi

JPEG files in sRGB also produce excellent results but we advise that these are made at the maximum quality setting (minimum compression level).

A3 dimensions are 420mm x 297mm

A3+ dimensions are 483mm x 329mm

Templates for A3 and A3+ for all our bookbinding partners are available for download in the 'Resources' menu. The blue Photoshop guides show where the scoring will be done. For double-sided portfolios we have included both left and right-handed page templates.

Your layouts must be ready to print. If we see a clear and obvious layout error we will contact you.

Double-Sided Submission Guidelines


Preparation for double-sided printing can be confusing. The process requires that files are very clearly organised and labelled.

It’s worth noting that while you may think of your images in spreads as you edit, MPrint think in paper sheets. Each printed sheet has two images, one on each side. It sounds obvious, but it’s important to remember the distinction as you work through the various stages.

  • Please submit each image as a separate file.
  • Name the pages consecutively starting with 'page_01' through to the last page of the portfolio.
  • Put the two printed sides/layouts on each individual sheet together in one folder.
  • The folders containing each pair of images must be named consecutively, starting with 'Sheet_01'.
  • If your portfolio starts with a double page spread, put the left side of that spread in folder 'Sheet 01' on its own and folder 'Sheet 02' will contain the right side of that spread plus the left side of the next spread.
  • If you have blank pages, skip a number in your file naming so we know to continue printing on the following page. Some clients prefer to place a blank page file in the folder with that page's number – that is fine too.
  • If you start with a title page, remember to name that 'page_01'.