Starter Portfolios


A new product is born... with 25% discount on our Print Prices!

Putting together a portfolio for prospective clients is an expensive business, with costs incurred for designing page layouts let alone the extra charges for printing and binding.

At MPrint we’ve developed a brand new, more affordable option, the Starter Portfolio, aimed at students or assistants who are looking for a stylish but more economical way to present their very best work.

Devised in conjunction with creative binder extraordinaire Cathy Robert at Delta Design Studios, the Starter Portfolio is made from high quality materials, fully customisable, and has a premium feel without acetate sleeves. There are various options for cover materials, end cards, even lettering on the covers. If you have a little extra budget, you can have a stamp made up for your logo to be embossed.

Additionally, we offer a 25% discount on our normal print prices on your first order. We require a 3-week lead time to produce each Starter Portfolio at this special rate. As an example of the savings you’ll enjoy, an A3 landscape portfolio with 20 prints would normally start at around £580, but a Starter Portfolio costs just £330.

Portfolios (excluding prints)

A4 landscape | £85    A3 square | £105    A3 landscape | £115     A3 + square | £135     A3 + landscape | £145